1.     Only ten (10) batters per inning, regardless of the number of outs.  All players shall be in the batting order, however the batting of all players in each inning is prohibited (assuming more than 10 players).  Four (4) full innings are required, if time permits.  A half inning is over when the tenth batter has batted.  The inning is considered completed when an out is made at any base during the tenth batters turn.  An out does not have to be made at home plate.  Fielders shall remain on the field until play is complete.


2.     All players, regardless of number, play in the field for all innings.  It is encouraged to rotate each player at a different position every inning.


3.     Regular infield is set with all other players in the outfield and on the grass (on large fields, such as PC 1, the outfielders must be placed in normal Little League outfield positions).  No extra infielders.


4.     Only two defensive coaches are allowed on the field.


5.     One offensive coach is allowed at home plate and one at each of the first or third base boxes.


6.     No leading off or stealing.


7.     Runners must stop when the ball is under control in the infield.  If a runner has passed a base or is on a base prior to the ball being in control, he may advance to the next base at his risk.  If the runner has not yet reached a base when the ball is in control, he must stop at the next base.


8.     No extra base may be taken on any overthrow on a play made by an infielder.  The base runner must stop at the base he was running to when the throw was attempted.


9.     Games are four (4) innings. Game play is stopped and game is complete after 1 hour and 30 minutes. At the end of all games, coaches must be prepared to leave the field in order to begin next game at its scheduled time. All after game talks should be done outside of field.


10.  With the exception of the above, all basic baseball rules shall be followed.  (Example:  A base runner shall return to the dugout after he has been forced out at a base.)


11.  Tee-ball Baseball – Games will be played on Saturdays.


12.  There will be no catcher requirement in Tee-ball.

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