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1. No illegal pitches (e.g. balks) will be called.

2. Maximum of five (5) runs per half inning. Half inning ends after five (5) runs are scored, regardless of number of outs. (Ten run mercy rule – Rule 4.10 (e) shall not apply.)

3. No defensive coaches are allowed on the field or in foul territory. Offensive coaches are allowed at first and third base. If only two coaches are available at game time, a player wearing a helmet may coach the empty base. There must be one coach in the dugout at all times, no exceptions.

4. No new inning can begin after 1 hour and 45 minutes from the beginning of the game. Any inning begun must be completed. At the end of all games, coaches must be prepared to leave the field in order to begin next game at its scheduled time. All after game talks should be conducted on the outside of field.

5. Pitching: Nine year olds must pitch a minimum of 60 pitches per week or four (4) innings, whichever comes first (This requirement can be met in one game). Ten and eleven year olds may pitch all other innings. All players are eligible to pitch in the Minor League. Exception: Little League Baseball prohibits any 12 year-olds from pitching in Minor League games.

6. Minimum play: The entire roster bats (even if player is not in the field). Every player on the roster and present at the game must play three full innings (or half of a game). It is strongly encouraged that every player plays at least one inning in an infield position as long as all safety concerns are addressed. One full inning shall be defined as three offensive outs (or five (5) runs) and three defensive outs (or five (5) runs). The exceptions to this rule shall be in those instances when a game is shortened by weather, time, or an injury causes a player to be removed from a game before he has played the minimum number of innings.

7. Stealing is permitted. However, a base runner may not leave the base he occupies until after a pitched ball has reached the batter.

8. Mandatory Pitch Counts: The following pitch counts shall apply to all games and all pitchers, regardless of age:
Month       Maximum Pitch Count
March 30
April 40
May 50
A pitcher must be removed when he reaches his pitch count. However, if a pitcher reaches his pitch count during an “at bat,” that pitcher shall be permitted but is not required to complete the “at bat.” The pitch count shall be enforced by the team managers, who are solely responsible for keeping the pitch count. If a disagreement arises on the number of pitches, the pitch count of the pitcher’s manager shall be used. Managers are strongly encouraged to consult between innings on the pitch count. At no time will the umpires be used to enforce the pitch count policy. [Note: Eight and nine year olds will be required to have at least two (2) days rest if he throws more than 30 pitches in one game.] Example: If a nine year old throws 31 pitches on Thursday, he is not eligible to pitch again until Sunday.
This local rule (“Mandatory Pitch Counts”) cannot be waived by the mutual consent of the managers and coaches nor may it be waived by the umpires.

9. For all matters not addressed herein, the Little League playing rules shall govern.

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